Dr Martyn Newman, one of the world's foremost clinical psychologists tells the Pendulum Summit audience what he believes to be the most important life skill.

Speaking at Dublin's Convention Centre, the Australian psychologist, specialising in emotional intelligence and leadership, said that the "single most important skill is how to develop a peaceful mind". 

"One of the skills that are the most critical at this stage in our lives - we're all suffering from a constant distraction, constant information overload, so many demands." Watch the interview here.

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"Our lives have become extraordinarily busy and we were never meant to operate with such intensity and what you find is once you're able to develop a peacefulness in your mind you can settle the incessant rumination worrying about the future.

"Often the sadness that draws us to the past with regret that leads to mood disorder makes us vulnerable to depression, our minds become a fog with anxiety.

"The ability to settle and quieten the mind and develop a peacefulness so we approach life with a clarity of judgment, make good clean decisions and understand the full implications of what we're doing - these sorts of skills today set people apart."

Job Opportunities:
There is a lot of talk about how Mindfulness is a growing, profitable industry but where are the jobs in the area?

"People who understand the connection between physiology in particular and its relationship and the relationship of the body to the mind have wonderful opportunities to train people.

"Yoga teachers, for example, my son spends most of his working week training people in yoga and meditation combined because the two, of course, are aiming to achieve the same outcomes.

"People involved in these practices that enable people to take control of their bodies, enable people to relax their minds, these jobs emerging in yoga, meditation, in mindfulness, in pilates right across some of these health practicies where we realise the relationship to the mind and the body is absolutely critical."

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