Sisters Aoibhín and Doireann Garrihy have had a busy year. While Aoibhín twirled her way to the final of Dancing with the Stars, Doireann grew an incredible following on Snapchat with her celebrity impressions.

Last week, the two women were celebrated at the 2017 Women of the Year Awards. While Doireann was awarded 'Personality of the Year', Aoibhín was presented with the 'Entertainment Award'.

Aoibhín, Ailbhe, Claire and Doireann Garrihy
Ailbhe, Aoibhín, Mum Claire and Doireann Garrihy

We got chatting to the sisters in Arnotts, where they took on a style session challenge, to find out what they had planned for the year ahead.

This year, Aoibhín and her husband John launched their new charity, Elevate, which aims to focus on mental health and mindfulness is secondary schools.

Additionally, the actress says she is set to continue her BEO workshops which aim to "inspire, motivate and encourage self-care". Watch the interview in full above.

"I love the saying that self-care is never selfish, that you can't serve from an empty vessel. It's really important to look after yourself.

"I guess Elevate - the charity that we founded since John, my husband, went to climb Everest - is all about that as well.

"It's about youth wellness and we're focusing on Clare for now which is where I live but the whole process has taught me so much.

"There seems to be a real craving for wellness and providing the information in schools and youth reach programmes; its kind of an exciting time.

Younger sister Doireann is working as a radio presenter, social media influencer and all around messer travelling Ireland one jig at a time. She told RTÉ LifeStyle that she had some exciting plans for Christmas.

"I'm working on a comedy pilot with RTÉ Player and I got news last week - originally, it was going to be myself writing it and kind of putting it together - I have another comedy writer who is female, which I'm very excited about so yeah, getting cracking with that and hopefully we'll have stuff filmed and up on the player before Christmas."