It would be easy to believe that Eoghan McDermott is living the dream; he's hosted The Voice of Ireland, worked as a dancer and choreographer with Rihanna and chats with celebs on a weekly basis for 2fm. 

Recently, however, the Dublin man has spoken up about mental health awareness and the importance of understanding the difference between our virtual lives on social media and reality.

The radio presenter posted the below video on Twitter: "At age 26 I self-harmed. This short vid is my "social media" life VS real life. You never know. Be kind to everyone x #WorldMentalHealthDay"

We spoke to the Gaeilgeoir about his reasons for posting the video which you can watch above.

"It was World Mental Health Day and I suppose every year that passes, every new app that comes out and every advancement in Snapchat and the filters and the way you can use it and Instagram stories - its an all-consuming world of social media. 

"I [...] do what everybody does which is I put only good stuff on social media so, to look at everybody else's life particularly now if you're fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, you're just looking around assuming that everybody else is having an amazing time and that's not the case but if you look at social media that's what you are led to believe.

"It was just a little nudge to go 'hey this thing happened to me and at the time, if you looked at my social media, you would never have guessed' and so it was just to draw attention to that sad reality, to make people more aware that if you're feeling a bit down yourself, everybody is not having the amazing time that you think they are"

Now an advocate for Pieta House, Eoghan often hosts events for the charity and hopes to work towards ridding Ireland of any taboos towards mental health. In the video above, he explains how the partnership formed.

"The first time I got involved with Pieta House, they just e-mailed and asked. I was doing the Voice [The Voice of Ireland] at the time and it was for no particular reason other than that they were doing a launch and they would reach out to people in the media and 'hey, hopefully, if Kathryn [Kathryn Thomas] and Eoghan come down, we'll get it in the papers' and it was as simple as that.

"I just popped down and I heard what they were all about then because they were giving speeches about the work they do - I hadn't talked about my own stuff at that stage - and it just really bowled me over.

Pieta House is a non-profit organisation providing a programme for people who have suicidal ideation or who participate in self-harming. You can find more information here.