Despite being Star Baker last week, talented Stacey Hart is the latest evictee from this year’s Great British Bake Off after a ‘disaster’ in pastry week.

The semi-final took place last night and the former teacher struggled with the choux bun task when she ran out of time and couldn’t decorate her creation.

Gotta love these two:

The mum of three summed up events: "I was just setting myself up for disaster."

Something that has come as a bit of a surprise to fans of the show, and of Stacey, is that she is married to multi-millionaire James who, along with two colleagues, founded Asos in 2000. According to The Mirror they sold their shares for a reported £50 million in 2012.

Stacey and James now run another company, the childrens clothing and products site, 

Poor Stacey tweeted...

The family of five live in £6 million mansion in Hertfordshire in Southern UK and speaking about returning home Stacey said: "Going back to being a full-time mum to three boys was actually quite nice.

"I thought at the end of my time in the tent I wouldn’t bake for a while, but I did the very next day and I haven’t stopped since.

"My sons love my glittery biscuits, marshmallow cookies, brownies — they love it all."

The gorgeous Noel urging Stacey on during last nights programme
The gorgeous Noel urging Stacey on during last nights programme

Back biting back lash:

Seems a lot of people were happy to see Stacey go:

Scenes in living rooms around the UK as they announce Stacey is going home #GBBO

— Laura Alice (@laura_alice24) October 24, 2017

 And this one...



But then we started to see a bit of least we hope that this is sarcasm in Stacey's favour



Warning...a classy one!
Sometimes its tempting to get involved with slagging on social around fab shows like Great British Bake Off but the reality is that you're still speaking in a public forum. With that in mind...we liked this one: -

Star Baker
Sophie Faldo was crowned the winner of last night's episode, putting her in the lead heading into next week's finale.

The Grand Finale
Kate Lyon, 29, Steven Carter-Bailey, 34, of Herts, and Sophie Faldo, 34, will join hosts Noel Fielding and Sandi Toksvig for the big event next Tuesday evening.