The second contestant eliminated from Great British Bake Off was "hurt" when the judges spat out a forkful of his latest creation.

This week was the Biscuit Making challenge - much harder than it sounds, as the judges found out when they came face to face with one particular batch.

In Paul and Prue's defense, Chris Geiger’s fortune cookies were a touch on the raw side and as Leith said: "They didn’t make it to the oven did they?" before she spat out the mixture.

"Raw batter’s never fun", she added.

Paul Hollywood hung his head after he tasted them, prompting Chris to say: "I had a little bit of a struggle."

The struggle ended with Chris being the second contestant to follow in Peter Abatan's footsteps out the door of Great British Bake Off 2017.

He added that he was "..disappointed I never got to make any bread or pastries" but also "I’m so honoured and privileged to have got in that tent."

Paul did leave him with a few words of encouragement though: "Everything fell to pieces for him which is a shame because he’s got some good ideas."

Star Baker
However, it was another great victory for Stephen Carter-Bailey who was named as the winner for the second week in a row: 

Remember his sandwich inspired cake from last week? Sure, how could we forget!

Here's last night's show stopper: 

Prue said: "It’s a little masterpiece. It’s very well designed and as neat as a pin."

Hopefully, this will not be the case for Stephen next week...

How did everyone else do?
The other contestants also struggled to make their biscuits perform as requested, leaving some of us biting our nails in anticipation or worse...!

What else happened?
Noel Fielding is playing a stormer on and off the telly - Twitter lights up when he's on screen:-

In case you missed it:


P.s. For all those still missing Mary Berry, you are not alone...: