Getting children ready to go back to school can be a pricey process. Be sure what you're buying isn't going to result in increased medical bills. 

When it comes to buying a new water bottle for the new school year don't be swayed by cheap colourful containers or classic cartoon characters. 

It seems that when it comes to starting the school shop straightforward bottles and BPA free containers should be top of your list. 

Back to school supplies
Make sure that the school supplies you invest in are safe 

Keep it clean

A recent study by Treadmill found that you may actually be better off licking your dog's toy than drinking from your reusable water bottle. 

The researchers found 313,499 colony forming units of bacteria per square centimetre on the average water bottle and only 2,937 on the average dog toy. 

And even though researchers identified straw topped bottles as those lowest in germs, the levels involved were only slightly better than those you could expect of your household toilet seat!

When it comes to washing bottles be sure to make it thorough. Bacteria love the warm moist conditions offered by the lid of a sports bottle or the crevices of a novelty cup.

Risk of bacteria on water bottles
Many plastic bottles contain BPA which has been linked with numerous health issues

However, this is not to say that we should completely abandon reusable bottles. Plastic one-use water bottles tend to contain BPA which can leaks into the contents damaging health. 

Ban BPA from your lunch bag 

BPA stands for bisphenol A and according to the Mayo Clinic, it has been used in plastic production since the 1960s. 

BPA is present in the production of the chemical used to coat the inside of some food and drink containers. The purpose of this resin is to prevent the food stuff reacting with its container or from the container itself breaking down. 

 BPA has been linked with negative impacts on thyroid function, cancer, behavioural issues and fertility. 

While some health authorities state that the levels of BPA are at low and safe levels, consumers prefer not to take the risk and now the majority of reusable water bottles are BPA free in response to consumer demand.

So when it comes to water bottles certainly buy BPA free bottles but you should also regularly invest in bottle brushes and heavy duty washing up liquid to prevent your kid's bottle becoming a breeding ground of bacteria.