Bláthnaid Treacy is looking only gorgeous on RTÉ One's Can't Stop Dancing every Friday night at 7:30 pm. We've already gushed over the presenter's style but what about that figure?

Bláthnaid was practically glowing when we met her behind the scenes of Dancing with the Stars so we had to ask her about her fitness routine.

The presenter says that her career keeps her moving at a mad pace so she has recently tried to join the fitness scene to improve her stamina for long work days. Not to mention the inspiration she finds from watching the professional dancers behind the scene.

"It's mad watching all the dancers like they have muscles coming out of their earlobes, it's actually ridiculous."

So how did she kick start her fitness? By mixing up her work out routine with weights.

"It's all sort of focusing on weights which I've never really done before in the gym, it's all kind of about toning up and building strength and I have to say it is the fittest that I have ever felt."

As good as it is to work out, it's also important to wind down. We asked the lovely Ms. Treacy to bring us through her ideal cheat day and as it turns out, she's a girl after our own hearts.

"Winding down is the best. So, I generally, I just binge on Netflix and order a takeaway."

Tune into Can't Stop Dancing tonight, Friday 17th on RTÉ One at 8:30 pm and watch Dancing with the Stars every Sunday at 6:30 pm on RTÉ One. Missed either show? Catch up on the RTÉ Player.