The RTÉ Archives are a place of wonder. With just a few clicks, you can travel back in time to 1916, 1987 or even better 2009 - a time when the Irish people were considered the sexiest nationality in the world!

In 2009, the Irish topped the poll of 'sexiest nationality' for both men and women in the survey carried out by online dating website

The results of the survey for book publisher Mills and Boon (yep!) showed that the Irish regard themselves as the third most romantic nationality, after the Italians and the French.

Clare Somerville of Mills and Boons thought this was “telling us that we could do with a few more Irish heroes in our books”.

We recommend watching the video purely to hear an RTÉ News reporter repeatedly say the words "sexy" and "lovers"...

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Ps Any true Colin Farrell fan will tell you that long before Colin Farrell became a Hollywood star, he was a line dancing star in Dublin's Break for the Border. Want to see him in action? Here you go!