Now, aren’t you glad you clicked onto this website or listened to this interview with Apprentice contestant, Dillon St Paul, on today’s Ryan Tubridy Show? Where else would your vocabulary be enhanced in such a culturally uplifting way? Missed the interview? Listen below on the RTÉ Player.

The “truth bomb”. A new one on Ryan and, presumably, most of his listeners. (Or maybe just me?)

“I am famous for the truth bomb. I’m all about saying it like it is, I don’t mess around, I don’t get too emotional with it. If it hurts, sorry. Facts are facts. It’s a science.”

But that’s Dillon. Straight talking, straight shooting, and straight into the headlines, having made a splash in front of Lord Sugar and his acolytes in the reality TV show, The Apprentice.

Dillon, an art director from Dublin and a veteran of another reality TV show, Fade Street, spoke at length to Ryan about his recent experience on the TV show.

“There are maybe over 80,000 applicants. You have to have very good business acumen, you have to know your facts, you have to have a really good business plan. You have to be able to articulate your ideas, have meetings with very intimidating people.”

Dillon reckons he was selected for this show due to his confidence and focus, things the producers are looking for. He was also hugely impressed with Lord Alan Sugar and Karen Brady, the business forces the 18 candidates have to impress.

Now making a splash in the UK, Dillon is already something of a presence on the social scene in Ireland and is well known for his style and self-conscious grooming.

“I have no problem wearing make-up or whatever. I think grooming, presentation, it’s extremely important.”

Ryan, on the other hand, finds the whole make-up thing “repulsive” and wasn’t shy about telling Dillon, in a nice little exchange during the interview. But Dillon wasn’t for turning. “That’s how I roll, he says. “It’s awesome. Check out my blog. I talk about it all the time.”

And that was Ryan’s cue to go to Dillon’s audition tape for The Apprentice, where, let’s face it, he provided some classic reality show fodder.

“I do think I can charm people and I can charm and manipulate situations to get results. I’m quite Machiavellian. Sometimes, batting the eyelashes can get you a lot in business as well. So, hence, mascara comes in handy.”


So that’s Dillon.

Batting eyelashes, mascara and truth bombs.

And so much more.

And you can hear exactly how much more by listening back to the full interview here.