Make sure to eat regularly 

Make sure to eat regularly!

Often people think the less they eat, the more weight they will lose, and will often cut out snacks. However, eating little and often is essential to keep your metabolism moving and burning. Therefore, having three meals and two snacks each and every day is  really important.

Weigh your portions

Weigh your portions

None of us have the magical ability to estimate portions accurately. From my 10 years’ experience in private practice and particularly my experience on Operation Transformation I have seen this belief undermine weight loss attempts. When you are making changes at the start, it is essential to use a weighing scales to accurately measure portion sizes. As time goes on, you can compare the weighed portion with your own household serving spoons and use these for the long term.

Eating Out

Limit eating out

The good news is that you do not have to avoid eating out. I am a strong believer in making changes that you can live with for life and it would be unrealistic to think you are never going to eat out again. Eating out can and should be a very enjoyable experience, and it is important to be able to enjoy the social occasions that go along with eating out, without worrying that you have blown all your healthy eating plans. However, eating out too often is not going to help you lose weight – limit it to once a week at most.

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