It's Toy Show week, which means staying up late, making your lists and tucking into lots of sweet treats while you're at it!

Whether you're a little kid or a big kid, Toy Show night is a particularly special one, one of the few nights in the year when every sits down and watches the same thing.

So why not get ahead of the hubbub by making some sweet treats to enjoy during the show? Here, we've rounded up our favourite sweet recipes, from pretzel-topped squares to fudgey brownies. There's sure to be a recipe for everyone in the audience!

Chocolate & honeycomb squares

Triple chocolate and nut brownies

Chocolate, toffee and peanut squares

Salted caramel-stuffed NYC cookies

Rice crispy pretzel squares

Hot chocolate cupcakes

Perfect funfetti cake

Chocolate & orange Viennese whirls

Swedish cinnamon buns

Donal's Auntie Erica's lemon squares