Celebrity couple Kian Egan and Jodi Albert are on a mission to encourage parents to get their children involved in the kitchen with the aim of instilling healthy food values in them from a young age.

The couple are ambassadors for the Cook Along with Ben's Beginners campaign, which was launched this week, and Jodi told us the reason they wanted to get involved: "As a family we always cook, well Kian cooks, and he always involves Koa and it's a lovely way of introducing Koa to healthy eating... It's a proven statistic that if you can teach kids about involving them in cooking and their vegetables and making good choices, as an adult they are naturally a healthier eater."

Kian added, "I think this is a great way of educating families and kids... There's going to be recipe ideas, chefs showing you how to do it, how to get your kids involved, it's such a great thing."

Kian and Jodi, who have been together for 12 years and have two sons together, 3-year-old Koa and new baby Zekey, spoke about ensuring that children know that moderation is key when it comes to sweet treats, "I'll let him [Koa] have treats, but he'll know that it has sugar in it and he wants to be a superhero so he associates sugar with making him run slow, and water makes him run fast, so like, through his little games, we kind of work in an education about food and what's good and what's not. But at the same time we don't deprive him, he is a child and he needs his treats, but it's getting the understanding."

Kian reminisced about his time on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!, on which he was the head chef for the camp, saying that he was told afterwards that he provided some of the best food the show's producers had ever seen on the series, "They say that it was the best fed camp ever, the year I was there. The producers came out and said at the end that it was some of the best food they had seen being served up in the jungle... apart from the year Gino [d'Campo] was in there..."

Jodi jokingly added, "That professional chef, how dare he compete with a member of Westlife in the kitchen!"

Actress Jodi and popstar Kian have had a very busy 12 years together and have recently moved back to Ireland permanently. Speaking about their decision to take a set back Kian said, "It's just about bringing our kids up and having time for our children and for a few of our hobbies. It's more about settling down a little bit, not necessarily taking the foot off the gas, because if something good comes our way we'll always do it, but at the same time it is about sitting back."

"The 12 years we've been together, it's been over and back, over and back constantly, as we made the decision a few months ago that, Ireland's always been home, but now it's our permanent home," Jodi added. "Koa's like three and a half now, and he's started Montessori and he's going to be going to big school next year, so it's like he's just becoming this little boy, he's not our baby, so we really need to just be there and be a family and we love Ireland and we love being back, and it's just lovely to just be like, 'This is our home and this is our base' and not live out of a suitcase all the time."