The survey question focused on what people like to eat in their wraps and some of the most popular options contain up to 1,000 calories, jam-packed with salt and fat too.

One of the key factors was portion size and the report showed that many of the larger wraps were up to two-and-a-half times the size of the normal, smaller portions on offer.

Our favourite fillings? The three most popular are all chicken based: Chicken Caesar salad, Chicken Tikka and Chicken Salad (see our healthy recipe versions below).


Check out our healthy Chickpea Salad Wrap here

Dr Marian Faughnan, Safefood’s Chief Specialist in Nutrition had this to say: “We know from research that one in three people believe wraps to be a healthier choice than a lunchtime sandwich but in reality, the average tortilla wrap on its own contains 149 calories, almost the same as two slices of bread which contains 158 calories.

“And with people busy and looking for a healthier lunch option, choosing a pre-prepared wrap is understandable.  However, our report shows that eating a large chicken tikka wrap with soft drink and a bag of crisps could mean almost 1,400 calories are eaten just at lunchtime alone.

“Wraps and sandwiches are a healthy option but we need to choose smaller portion sizes and fillings such as lean meat or fish and plenty of salad and vegetables.”

The Irish survey looked at over 240 takeaway wraps from 80 outlets.

Slightly freaked? We know we’ll be checking labels twice from now on. 

RTÉ LifeStyle's Nutritionist Mags Carey (pictured below) from Nutrition Division (visit their website here) has this advice: "It's not so much the wrap that is the issue but what goes into it. The calorific fillings are often due to creamy sauces and the lack of salad in there.

"My advice would be to make your own lunch and alternate between lean meats, fish and vegetarian options (such as beans, cheeses, hummus) and bulk it up with tasty salads.

"Better still and easier when you're on the go, is to buy a wrap with a friend and buy a salad box and go splits on both. Tasty and less pricey too."

Homemade is defo the safest option and below are a few more tasty yet healthy versions of the most popular wraps.

Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap

Chicken Tikka - Just add wrap!

Chicken Salad Wrap