Judging from last year, where country star Nathan Carter assisted in a lambing, this year's Big Week on the Farm will have plenty in store for our celebrity presenters.

From glamour, to comedy to killer dance moves, our five guests are set to get stuck into life on the Shalvey Farm in County Cavan. So who are we expecting and when?

Day 1: Aoibhín Garrihy

First up, straight from the dance floor, Aoibhín is the first guest presenter

Fresh off the back of Dancing With the Stars, Aoibhín Garrihy will start Big Week on the Farm off on April 3rd. Although she was stellar on the dance floor, how good is she when it comes to a possible live lambing?

Day 2: Ruby Walsh

Ruby Walsh is guest presenting on day 2 of Big Week on the Farm

Jockey Ruby Walsh is the guest presenter on day two. We hear there may be a world record attempt, so who knows, maybe Ruby can add yet another accomplishment to his career?!

Day 3: Pat Shortt

Pat Shorrt will bring the comedy on day 3

Actor and comedian Pat Shortt heads to Cavan for day three of Big Week on the Farm. Yet another record attempt is on the cards and we'll be analysing the amorous behaviour of the bull (lucky Pat!).

Day 4: Al Porter

Comedian Al Porter brings his charm on day 4

From Tallaght to Maudabawn, Al Porter is guest presenter on day four of Big Week on the Farm. The comedian is in for a treat, as he's set to try the unconventional donkey cheese live on air.

Day 5: Vogue Williams

Vogue presents on the last day of the week

On the last day of Big Week on the Farm, guest presenter Vogue Williams joins the action on the Shalvey family farm in Co. Cavan. Will there be one last birth before the week is out? No pressure, Vogue!

Big Week on The Farm returns to RTÉ One for nightly live programmes from 7pm until 8pm from Monday, April 3rd to Friday, April 7th. Check back with RTÉ LifeStyle for all the happenings during the week.

The Ray D'Arcy Show on RTÉ Radio 1 will be doing daily updates on the show every day next week.

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Big Week on the Farm is co-funded with RTÉ by Science Foundation Ireland. Science and technology are increasingly part of modern farming and food production.