We hope you ready to move to a barnd new beat as Dancing with the Stars legend Karen Byrne teaches us all the cha-cha-cha.
This dance is all about swinging your hips. It's a very popular and fun dance that was invented in Cuba in the 1940s, so it's been around a really long time.

It's fast, full of energy and they say it's fairly easy to learn. But, you know that you have the best dance teacher on TV with Karen.

After you checked out lesson one at the top of the article here comes the next steps!

On Wednesday it was time for the next steps as we build up to the final routine on Friday. You can look back on everything so far in this article from top to bottom.

Thursday's lesson was the last one before the Grand Finale, so make sure to catch up on everything with the videos above and take it to the next step with lesson four below!

AND now it's time to take everything from the top. Even Karen says this dance is not easy so don't worry if it doesn't all go to plan straight away.
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