The band Dubliners find easy to pronounce return from a four year absence and after selling four million copies of their debut, We Started Nothing. The Salford duo of Jules de Martino and Katie White enjoyed a well-deserved global No 1 with That’s Not My Name, a barrage of schoolyard chants set to skeletal precussion and snappy and sassy white boy/girl funk. This follow up went through a difficult grestation but it does sizzle with some memorable moments. Hit Me Down Sonny is all martial drumming, a giant rolling groove and the belt of kettle drums; Hang it Up is a great slice of serated, stattaco pop (with cow bell); and the guitars that detonate in the middle of Give it Back are exhillerating. So far, so well calibrated but after Soul Killing, which draws its rythym from the creaking of De Martino’s drum stool, The Ting Tings flounder - One by One fails to do anthing but fizz and then drip, the violins and clipped guitar on Day to Day are nice but lack an actual tune, and Help is just a big aimless synth sprawl. An album of two halves so. Tanks, but no tanks.

Alan Corr