In a DIY job that's so appropriate for the times, David Kitt wrote, produced and played everything here. He should be thrilled with his handiwork, because this is an album that lives up to the small hours vibe and solace that the title suggests.

Eighty-hour weeks apparently went into the 'Nightsaver', and that feeling of bunkered creativity comes to mind as you're charmed by every track.

Managing to make a record which has parts you want to listen to alone and others you want to experience on a dancefloor, Kitt's mixing of acoustic guitars and 1980s keyboard thrills works every time.

It's now nine years (yikes) since Kitt released his debut. If you've lost track of him over that time, this is where to get re-introduced. And if you've heard the name but not the music, this is a great place to start.

Harry Guerin