Give up your job, lose your friends and spend all day with the headphones on as you scour the earth on your quest - you will not find a better track this year than 'Red Tony', the opener on 'Spectre and Crown'. In the instrumentals genre, here is a piece so epic and emotive that it ranks with anything the legends have come up with. Keep in with the boss, stick with the pals and give your ears a break: it's just not going to happen.

After a long time away, The Jimmy Cake have made an album which is worth every cent for that moment alone - but there are other reasons too for shelling out for this record today.

'Red Tony's successor, 'Jetta's Palace', is so urgent and infectious that the clock radio should crank it out first thing every morning, followed by 'Hugs for Buddy'. And at the other end of the day 'Collapsing Cloud Night at the Starry Sky' would soothe anything which has gone on before you hit the pillow.

The musicianship is superb, their potential colossal and you'll even put up with 'Nuberu' and 'The Art of Wrecking' - two of those sound collage things that frustrate more than they fascinate - because what's before and after them is such a joy. If you weren't a fan of The Jimmy Cake or post-rock and all its offshoots before, then this is a record to hear. If you are, it's not too early to start buying the Christmas presents.

Harry Guerin