If you could now take to the 'Mastermind' chair with your knowledge of 'Back to Black', and have also fallen for the charms of Sharon Jones, Aimee Ann Duffy is the next soul singer to take home. While Duffy doesn't have the out-and-out star quality of the aforementioned duo - yet - her debut album is start-to-finish strong and flows beautifully - a great achievement given that three different producers and four co-writers were involved.

Half of 'Rockferry' was written with and produced by former Suede guitarist Bernard Butler but Duffy's work with her other collaborators here (producers Jimmy Hogarth and Steve Booker and guitarist EG White) is every beat as convincing. The 23-year-old's take on classic soul is driven more by syrup than sass or speed - fans of strings and slow songs will find plenty to soundtrack the solitary or with company evening.

And if purists are suspicious of the hype or quick fame, they'll also find it hard to shake the feeling that standouts like 'Stepping Stone' and 'Hanging on Too Long' would grace any legend or unsung hero's record.

Harry Guerin