As featured on 'The Gerry Ryan Show', 'Nob Nation' sees topical and often controversial events get the skit treatment from the Monaghan Mimic, aka Oliver Callan.

The subject matters are wide-ranging, with Callan dipping into the political sphere (great Enda Kenny impressions), taking on Hollywood (priceless ever-optimistic Tom Cruise skits) and tackling the world of sport (with poor Stan being the brunt of most of those jokes).

The musical sketches are great, particularly 'Ireland's Call' - The Stephen Ireland version, as sung by Steve Staunton - 'The Dáil Cocaine Bandit' (featuring all the political heads) and 'Bertie Balboa' - the Kenny v Ahern face-off that is the 'Brawl in the Dail'.

Hollywood's take on 'Glenroe' is also hilarious - Where else would you hear Arnold Schwarzenegger taking on the character of Blackie Connors, while Miley looks on from the sidelines in horror, condemning the salacious movie that is being filmed under his nose?

Callan is a great natural mimic, delving into the personalities of politicians, sportspeople, actors and journalists with equal passion, not only nailing their various accents but also writing very witty scripts that really bring his characters to life.

Among his most credible and funny impersonations are Bob Geldof, Gaybo, Dobbo, Colm Murray and Enda Kenny - but you'll find almost everyone who is anyone here, proving that the Monaghan Mimic isn't afraid to try new characters as current events dictate.

'Nob Nation' is a great mood-lifter that you can dip into for some giggles on a dull day - an ideal gift for a friend.

Linda McGee

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