For all the gold discs that a career in music may offer, having one of your peers cover one of your songs must rank among the greatest accolades.

With his debut album 'Since Kyabram' Declan O'Rourke had the pleasure of Paul Weller saying that if he could've written one song in the past 20 years it would be O'Rourke's 'Galileo'.

However odd that feeling is, it may be one that O'Rourke experiences more often because it's hard not to see others putting their interpretations on the music of 'Big Bad Beautiful World'. You'll come up with your own list of contenders while listening, Springsteen will figure on more than one.

While O'Rourke has swelled his sound here with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra, songs like 'Save Your Soul' and 'Whatever Else Happens' would move and warm just as much with just an acoustic guitar. Big enough for halls, small enough for clubs, it's some talent that can shrink or expand their music as the occasion demands.

And an even rarer one who can cover 'Twinkle Twinkle' and still come up shining.

Harry Guerin