'Yours Truly, Angry Mob' features a song called 'Everything Is Average Nowadays'. There are those who would say that it's a theory which applied to Kaiser Chiefs' debut 'Employment ', an album where the singles showed up how run-of-the-mill some of the other tracks were.

That said, any band that spends six years in the back of vans before hitting the big time learns more than just the menus of motorway service stations along the way and whatever the shortcomings were of 'Employment', 'Yours Truly...' tries to make up for them by making the singles better and all the songs stronger. Most of the time it works - the big disappointment is that the closing stages don't have as many fireworks as the quintet let off early on.

Even those with an aversion to mob choruses and witty lyrics could find this record something of a guilty pleasure. There's a charm and sense of fun to 'Highroyds' and 'The Angry Mob' that, while not on a par, do follow in the footsteps of Pulp and Supergrass. Whether they can find the depths that those two explored and avoid the Britpop potholes is the big question, but Kaiser Chiefs look set to stick in the memory longer than some would've given them credit for.

Harry Guerin