Quirky title aside, 'FutureSex/LoveSounds' sees Justin Timberlake up the bar - playing around with new styles and having some fun with his lyrics.

The album kicks off with a funky title track, is brimming over with attitude, sharp beats and rhythm. The momentum is kept up with hit single 'Sexyback' as Timberlake teams up with music legend Timbaland to create a really edgy R'n'B track with the catchiest of bridges and choruses - undoubtedly one of the best tracks on this album.

With 'Sexy Ladies' Timberlake sends up his own status as pop king to witty effect. "Now, I might sound cocky - but is it really cocky if you know that it's true?" Rest your case.

Although there is a definite coherence between all the tracks on 'Futuresex/Lovesounds', Timberlake never seems afraid to play around with a few different genres and sounds, from the electronica-infused 'My Love' to the raps of 'Chop Me Up', down to the pure melodies of 'Summer Love' and 'Another Song' (a fond throwback to his boyband days).

'Lovestoned' sees Timberlake at his best yet - with inventive use of strings invigorating a really energetic, vibrant song, that you can tell will instantly inspire pelvic thrusts and hip-wiggling. And that is the vibe of this whole album - all of these tracks will fill dance-floors and power stereos at parties. It's very much a case of continuing on with what 'Justified' started and throwing out a few teasers for what's yet to come.

'Losing My Way', featuring Afroman, is another really great track, championing Timberlake's versatility and boasting a great melody and strong hook. The weaker tracks come in the form of his collaborations with Will.I.Am on the excessively repetitive 'Damn Girl' and Snoop Dogg on the gimmicky 'Pose', but they are only disappointing when held up against the rest of this album.  

The sonic comparisons to long-reigning King of Pop Michael Jackson were bound to be endless but with his latest offering, Timberlake has done more than enough to set himself apart from those who have gone before and inspire those waiting in the wings to challenge his crown.

Not a man to make idle promises, when JT says he's bringing sexy back, he does just that.

Linda McGee