Does the world really need another bloke called Jack or James strumming along on his guitar telling the world of his heartbreak? Why not? We've embraced the others with open arms and allowed them to virtually take over the world and this one sings a lot better. Don't be put off by the marketing: he's not just rehashing what's already out there.

James Morrison is genuinely a find - a fresh new talent that doesn't conform to the stereotype of solo male singer-songwriters. His music is more bitter than most of what you'll find adorning the shelves of that category in your local record shop. And there's something in us all that makes songs for the broken-hearted seem more appealing than the lively, happy-clappy ones.

'Undiscovered' starts out blisteringly strong and continues in that vein until the halfway mark, where it begins to trail off slightly. If Morrison can make more music like 'Under the Influence', 'Wonderful World' and 'Undiscovered' then he's on to a winner.

Veering away from tuneful, soft pop in favour of gritty, bluesy music is the perfect route for this young singer, with his gravelly voice really adding to the bitter emotion of the songs here.

It seems that there is plenty more of James Morrison that remains undiscovered. When harnessed and channelled in the direction of album two it should be well worth a listen.

Linda McGee