Singer-guitarist with Stars and sometime member of Broken Social Scene, Amy Millan's solo debut finds her leaving behind the sounds of indiedom for a lonesome twang that deserves to find her a new audience.

Backed by bandmates from Stars and BSS, members of Do Say Make Think and bluegrass outfit Crazy Strings, Millan's reinvention of herself here is one of those adventures that more artists should try, resulting in an album with much to please country purists and plenty to intrigue her fans.

What Millan should think about for the future is varying the pace a little: while 'Honey from the Tombs' is only 36 minutes long, it's rarely in a rush to get anywhere. And as the speedy 'Headsfull' and banjo of 'Blue in Yr Eye' show, torch songs aren't her only way to light up a room.

Harry Guerin