Atlantic – 2005 – 45 minutes

With their style so rooted in traditional Irish sounds, it's perhaps not surprising that The Corrs would choose to record an album of the music that inspired their work. What is surprising though, is that this collection is so mediocre.

With tracks chosen from centuries of Irish music, The Corrs have picked a good sample of traditional songs. Two Irish-language songs, 'Buachaill Ón Eirne' and 'Bríd Óg NÍ Mháille', sit alongside the likes of 'Spancill Hill' and Phil Lynott's 'Old Town'. There are also two instrumental tracks in the mix; 'Old Hag' and 'Haste to the Wedding'. It's a good selection, but the songs are not the problem.

The problem lies in Andrea Corr's rendition of them. On the group's own songs, she sounds suitably Irish, but here, her voice takes on an Americanised twang that doesn't fit the songs she's singing at all. Her vocals don't sound natural here and the songs suffer as a result.

'Home' is an album that The Corrs don't sound entirely at home on.

Katie Moten

Tracklisting: My Lagan Love – Spancill Hill – Peggy Gordon – Black is the Colour – Heart Like a Wheel – Buachaill Ón Eirne – Old Hag – Moorlough Shore – Old Town – Dimming of the Day – Bríd Óg NÍ Mháille – Haste to the Wedding