MCD/Universal – 2005 – 43 minutes

If you're a fan of Sixties pop music, much like that which inspired the Tom Hanks-starring 'That Thing You Do', then you'll love all things McFly. Too pop to be punk, yet rocking it up too much to be just plain pop, McFly successfully delve into a few different genres for their influences.

Although firmly labelled within the boyband category, McFly produce a sound that is much more mature than that which you'd expect from a product of that segment of the music industry. Crucially they play their own music, and while there's a definite pop vibe to most of their tracks, they seem to set themselves apart from other artists in that genre.

Tracks like 'I Wanna Hold You' and 'I'll Be OK' really bring us back to a different era, reminding us of the pop music of past decades that was less polished, more edgy and more driven by the actual music. Softer tracks like the powerful 'The Ballad of Paul K' and the Comic Relief anthem 'It's All About You' also display nice vocal harmonies.

With few duds and plenty of variety, McFly seem set to soar with 'Wonderland'.

Linda McGee

Tracklisting: I'll Be OK – I've Got You – Ultraviolet – The Ballad of Paul K – I Wanna Hold You – Too Close For Comfort – All About You – She Falls Asleep – Don't Know Why – Nothing – Memory Lane