Maverick – 2005 – 58 minutes

A decade on from the release of her breakthrough hit, Alanis Morissette has re-recorded 'Jagged Little Pill' in an acoustic vein. The songs still shine, but they lack the energy of the original versions.

The overall tone here is much mellower and the tempo is slower. Morissette sounds more thoughtful and her vocals have lost much of that harshness of her earlier career. The album shows off her maturing voice to nice effect, but we just don't get the impact of the original.

'You Oughta Know', so memorable for its raging bitterness the first time 'round, is now more plaintive and lacking in power for it. 'Hand In My Pocket' too doesn't have the original's jubilance.

The album is too similar to the first 'Jagged Little Pill', which does it no favours. Instead of choosing to re-interpret the songs, Morissette simply slows them down a little and removes the grunge/rock edge. She even ad-libs in the same places as on the earlier versions. She does have a little fun on 'Ironic', and 'Not the Doctor' sounds somewhat different than the other version, but overall Morissette hasn't been brave enough on this album.

'Jagged Little Pill Acoustic' is a nice listen, but no match for the original.

Katie Moten

Tracklisting: All I Really Want – You Oughta Know – Perfect – Hand In My Pocket – Right Through You – Forgiven – You Learn – Head Over Feet – Mary Jane – Ironic – Not The Doctor – Wake Up