Aftermath – 2005 - 68 minutes

Hip-hop's most perplexingly successful megastar delivers another collection of slickly-produced, occasionally catchy and consistently moronic commercial rap tracks on the follow-up to 'Get Rich Or Die Tryin''.

There's no doubt that 50 Cent's sing-song rap style can be borderline addictive, but his persistently stupid subject matter and lamentable public image make 'The Massacre' much less than the some of its parts.

The trademark handprints of producer/svengali Dr Dre are all over this record, but this small bit of class gets spread very, very thinly. When 50 attempts some Slim Shady-style introspection on 'I'm Supposed To Die Tonight', the result verges on the hilarious.

But then it's straight back to the 50 formula, and it's still damn effective. The cheesy choruses of 'Piggy Bank' and 'Candy Shop' are utter rubbish at first listen, but the endless repetition eventually breaks down the sneers.

There's a hint of the Kanye West/Ghostface classic soul revival style on 'Talking About Me' and 'Hate It Or Love It' but overall there's zero originality on 'The Massacre'. There isn't even a standout huge track like 'In Da Club' or The Game's 'How We Do'.

But 50 Cent fans aren't interested in innovation, they just want decent grooves and naughty lyrics. And that's what they get, along with the most tasteless and lame artist photos to grace an album cover since the dark days of poodle metal.

Luke McManus

Tracklisting: Intro - In My Hood - This Is 50 - I'm Supposed To Die Tonight - Piggy Bank - GATman And Robbin - Candy Shop - Outta Control - Get In My Car - Ski Mask Way - A Baltimore Love Thing - Ryder Music - Disco Inferno - Just A Lil Bit - Gunz Come Out - My Toy Soldiers - Position Of Power - Build You Up - God Gave Me Style - So Amazing - I Don't Need 'Em - Hate It Or Love It (G Unit remix)