Reprise - 2004 - 50 minutes

You can't get the crackling magic of Space Dust in sweet shops anymore, but if you could, the best way to enjoy it would be to swallow the whole bag listening to this album.

Based in New York, formed in Dallas and with songs that sound as vast as the distance between the two, Secret Machines' epic rock will turn up the nostalgia glow in Seventies music fans and push a whole slew of newcomers in the genre's direction.

Like all the best trios, it sounds like there are six of them, the nine songs here having a power and beauty that recalls the spirit of both Pink Floyd and Jane's Addiction at their best.

Built to be listened to the whole way through, over and over, one question will keep haunting you: how can some bands make it all sound so easy?

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: First Wave Intact - Sad and Lonely - The Leaves are Gone - Nowhere Again - The Road Leads Where It's Led - Pharaoh's Daughter - You are Chains - Lights On - Now Here is Nowhere