Source - 2004 - 44 minutes

You could never accuse Erlend Oye and Eirik Glambek Boe of being predictable. After the success of their debut 'Quiet is the New Loud', Oye globetrotted as a DJ and released a solo album while Boe went back to their hometown of Bergen and studied for his psychology degree. On record, however, it sounds as if the two of them spent the last three years sitting in a bedroom with acoustic guitars, staring at each other. And that's a compliment.

Those who wore their heart on their sleeve after od'ing on 'Quiet...' should prepare for more of the same here. Few can make intensity sound as sweet as Oye and Boe and these 12 tracks could convince anyone that they need their heart mended or broken to enjoy them even more. Whether it's their collaborations with Canadian singer Feist, the upbeat 'I'd Rather Dance With You' or the wistful 'Cayman Islands', each and every moment will be a favourite - depending on your mood.

Originally Oye and Boe wanted to call this record 'Republic of Two'. Even without that title, you'll still want to claim asylum inside all the songs here.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Homesick - Misread - Cayman Islands - Stay Out of Trouble - Know-How - Sorry or Please - Love Is No Big Truth - I'd Rather Dance with You - Live Long - Suprise Ice - Gold in the Air of Summer - The Build-Up