Universal Records - 2003 - 48 minutes

Alistair Griffin is probably lucky - we don't expect that much from any of the products of reality television shows. But as that phenomenon goes, 'Fame Academy' attempts to be more talent driven than any of the others.

With ten self-penned or co-written tracks, Griffin has taken up the 'Fame Academy' torch more admirably than most, but the track 'Oblivion' might best sum him up. Although Griffin made it to the final of the competition, nothing about his style or performance set him apart from other similar acts battling for a share of the marketplace.

With 'Bring It On' Griffin may have redeemed himself as the album jolts you into a peppy musical journey. Acoustically experimental, particularly with percussion on intros, the original material is just that. It's fresh and for the most part engaging. Mainly upbeat, Griffin is also surprisingly at ease with the softer ballad material like 'You and Me (Tonight)', which seems the best contender for chart success.

One of the biggest complements that can be paid to this album is that it requires very little effort, flowing gently from one track to the next. Tracks like 'Something About Her', 'Everything I Own' and his cover of 'Jealous Guy' are the best of the rest. Even without the 'Fame Academy' exceptions, 'Bring It On' is to be recommended, with the writing talents of Griffin tipping the scales in his favour, most notably with the title track.

Linda McGee

Tracklisting: Bring It On - Painkiller - Oblivion - You And Me (Tonight) - Hungry For Love - Real World - Feeling Alive - Something About Her - My Lover's Prayer - Jealous Guy - In Your Smile - Everything I Own - Wherever You Will Go - A Heart Can't Lie.