Blue Note - 2003 - 63 minutes

A new home, with the man moving in bringing his own brand of plush. Now signed to Blue Note, Morrison's debut for the label is so smoothly self-produced that you'll think he should take it up as a sideline on other people's albums too.

And his answer to the title question is that he's in it as numerous tracks return fire at the media and riddle the target on 'Goldfish Bowl'. That song also provides the ideal soundbyte for what Morrison's up to here: "jazz blues & funk, that's not rock & roll, folk with a beat and a little bit of soul".

Leisurely and long, this is a Dad's record - but one that you shouldn't feel bad about swiping for a listen.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: What's Wrong With This Picture? - Whinin' Boy Man - Evening in June - Too Many Myths - Somerset - Meaning of Loneliness - Stop Drinking - Goldfish Bowl - Once in a Blue Moon - Saint James Infirmary - Little Village - Fame - Get on With the Show