Koch Records - 2003 - 29 minutes

Norah Jones is the ingredient on this album that gives The Peter Malick Group an edge in presenting heartfelt and evocative music. Indeed, this could very easily be a Norah Jones album. Providing lead vocals on all the tracks, the LP is firmly stamped with her unique blend of deep-ranging and soulful blues singing.

It would be all too easy to listen to 'New York City' and hear only Norah Jones, such is her captivating voice, but acoustically there is much more to this skilled production. Rich in strings, piano and bass, the intros and internal instrumentals are stirring.

With songs like 'Heart of Mine' and 'Strange Transmissions' Jones gives the lyrics a life of their own, providing a sultry musical drone that is anything but depressing. In 'Things You Don't Have To Do' we are offered another picture of Jones the artist in a strong upbeat number. This is perhaps not her forte but being the shortest track on the album does little to impact the overall tone of the collection.

The title track 'New York City' will probably be what this album is remembered for. The involuntary foot tapping that it inspires is perhaps the best testament to this classy album.

Linda McGee

Tracklisting: New York City - Strange Transmissions - Deceptively Yours - All Your Love - Heart of Mine - Things You Don't Have To Do - New York City