Parlophone - 2002 - 45 minutes

Only 22, signed in the US to legendary label Blue Note and with an acclaimed debut already generating the superlatives, Norah Jones seems ready to make the world know her name. The reference point for mainstream crossover might be Diana Krall, but while Jones also studied piano at college, she stops-off at more styles than Krall on 'Come Away...'

New York born and Texas raised, she glides through jazz, country and even folk with the gentlest of Southern twangs. The pace never rises above closing time, but the starry ambience is just right and although there are no hits on offer, you won't find any low points either.

With an intimate sound by Aretha/Dusty producer Arif Mardin, Jones breathes her life into standards like Hank Williams' 'Cold Cold Heart' and Hoagy Carmichael's 'The Nearness of You', yet with her bandmates she also comes up with songs that can trade tears with the classics. The title promises much but this record's a fine example of putting your faith in someone else. After a couple of listens you might not want the night to end.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Don't Know Why - Seven Years - Cold Cold Heart - Feelin' The Same Way - Come Away With Me - Shoot The Moon - Turn Me On - Lonestar - I've Got To See You Again - Painter Song - One Flight Down - Nightingale – The Long Day is Over - The Nearness of You