Virgin – 2002

Nerdy duos are the main movers in modern dance music. Air, Daft Punk, Basement Jaxx, Kruder & Dorfmeister have all touched the heights of electronic greatness. When dance music draws its final breath and the lists of classic albums are being drawn up, the charts will be littered with twins, conjoined at the mixing desk. All this makes the Chemical Brothers natural candidates for the plaudits that rain down on them from critics and punters alike. Right? Wrong.

The Brothers have always been the runts of the litter. As DJs, they are tedious, perennially bowing to the lowest common denominator. As producers they are staggeringly unoriginal, firmly positioned that couple of months behind the curve. They even ripped off their original name (the Dust Brothers) from the legendary producers of the Beastie Boys' 'Paul's Boutique'.

After three albums, they have produced one track that sticks in the mind (the joyfully OTT classic, 'Hey Boy Hey Girl'). Other than that, they have been responsible for some of the drabbest music ever committed to vinyl.

'Come With Us' is no exception. 'It Began In Afrika' may literally be true, but it's hard to see the connection between the spiritual rhythms of the Mother Continent and the pedestrian beats on 'Come With Us'. Single 'Star Guitar' is as tedious as its oh-so "clever" video, and the obligatory Beth Orton collaboration slips by without any great event. The only consolation is that Noel Gallagher isn't involved.

Come With Us? Come off it, lads, I'd rather watch the telly.

Luke McManus

Tracklisting: Come With Us - It Began in Afrika - Galaxy Bounce - Star Guitar – Hoops - My Elastic Eye - State We're In – Denmark - Pioneer Skies - Test