Reprise Records – 2001 – 73 minutes

When former music journalist turned screenwriter/director Cameron Crowe releases a film, you know that the soundtrack is going to be a little bit special. With Seattle grunge in 1992's 'Singles', the car stereo singalong of 'Jerry Maguire' and the nostalgic seventies rock of last year's 'Almost Famous', Crowe's choice of music to accompany his films is rarely obvious and always intriguing.

From the near-dilapidated (Todd Rundgren's 1977 hit 'Can We Still Be Friends') to the obtuse ('Porpoise Song', the theme song from the Monkees 1968 psychedelic film, 'Head'), Crowe manages to pull a selection of diverse artists together with aplomb. Take the funky 'Mondo 77' from Scottish electronic pop artists, Looper, follow it with the Red House Painters' heart-wrenchingly nostalgic 'Have You Forgotten', throw in a couple of originals from the slightly better known Paul McCartney and REM and you've got one hell of a compilation.

That's without even mentioning the classics from Bob Dylan ('Fourth Time Around') and Peter Gabriel (a re-mastered 'Solsbury Hill') sitting alongside fey Icelandic postrock from Sigur Ros, Jeff Buckley's soaring 'Last Goodbye' and Beth Orton aiding and abetting The Chemical Brothers on 'Where Do I Begin'. Let's hope the film can live up to this.

Caroline Hennessy

Tracklisting: All The Right Friends (REM) - Everything In It's Right Place (Radiohead) - Vanilla Sky (Paul McCartney) - Solsbury Hill (Peter Gabriel) - I Fall Apart (Julianna Gianni) - Porpoise Song (The Monkees) -Mondo '77 (Looper/Francis MacDonald) -Have You Forgotten (Red House Painters)- Directions (Josh Rouse) - Afrika Shox (Leftfield/Afrika Bambaataa) - Svefn-G-Englar (Sigur Ros) - Last Goodbye (Jeff Buckley) - Can We Still Be Friends (Todd Rundgren) -Fourth Time Around (Bob Dylan) - Elevator Beat (Nancy Wilson) - Sweetness Follows (REM) - Where Do I Begin (The Chemical Brothers)