Warner - 2001 - 56 minutes

Having risen to the top of the polished country pile with sales of over 15 million, Missippi-born Faith Hill has now entered the enviable/despised territory of the Best Of compilation. All the hits are here - from the yeehaw romance of 'This Kiss' to the 'Titanic' sensibilities of 'Pearl Harbour' track 'There You'll Be' - but fans have a right to feel more than a little short changed at an album that runs for a mere 56 minutes and offers up only two new tracks with no liner notes or insights from the lady of the (almost) hour.

The superior pop of 'Breathe' has now been remixed for radio by makeover specialists Tin Tin Out (not that the original didn't find its way on to playlists anyway) and you also get a handbag revamp of 'The Way You Love Me'. The other 'bonus' is a cover of 'Over The Rainbow' from a compilation album, but it's so slick that the name Eva Cassidy is the only thing in your mind while listening.

Hill has a great voice but far too often it gets lost in mixing desk quicksand: glossy, overproduced and overblown. By the close you wish she'd strip back to basics and create something with a little more grit and a lot less glitter.

For cryhards only.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: There You'll Be - This Kiss - Breathe (Tin Tin Out Radio

Mix) - The Way You Love Me (Love To Infinity Remix) - Let Me Let Go - Piece

of My Heart - If My Heart Had Wings - There Will Come a Day - Love Will

Always Win - My Wild Frontier - You Give Me Love - Somewhere Down The Road - Over The Rainbow - Breathe