Sony – 2001 – 55 minutes

Nine months of eight performances a week as part of the New York production of Riverdance has done wonders for Brian Kennedy. Written and largely recorded in the city, 'Get On With Your Short Life' moves with the freedom and outlook that comes from calling a strange place 'home'.

While finding the singer firmly in 'log fire' territory, there's a spikiness to the likes of the title track ("does it really matter if you're fatter than everyone else on the screen") and 'If You Love Me' with the arrangements boasting what can be described as a freeway sound, ripe for US radio. The sentiments of the latter crop up all over the album, with the highlight Kennedy's summation of his time in NY on 'Christopher Street' – tender, plaintive and mixing fulfilment with dreams yet to be conquered.

The legions who adore the man seem set to be joined by a whole lot more.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: You Take My Breath Away - Get on With Your Short Life - Christopher Street - Everytime - Call Me Old Fashioned - The Reason We Are Here - (Looking in) The Wrong Place - Don't Look at Me That Way - If You Love Me - The Wandering Kind - The Ballad of Killaloe - So What if it Rains