Parlophone – 2001 – 45 minutes

From the bouffant but demure blonde of 1989 Jason Donovan duet 'Especially for You' to the dark flower of Nick Cave number 'Where the Wild Roses Grow' (1995), Kylie Minogue finally found her true disco diva feet as Robbie's girl on 1999's 'Kids'. Building on that success, the mini megastar's eighth album 'Fever' finds her back on the dance floor once more.

Drawing on the disco sounds of the 70s and 80s – but always through 90s-tinged glasses – 'Fever' goes from the sugar sweet lite-funk of 'More, More, More' to the alternating laid-back vocals and escalating beat of closing track 'Burning Up' without taking a breath.

No 1 hit single 'Can't Get You Out of My Head' combines edgy electronics with spaced-out girly vocals, while the album's other best track 'Give It To Me' starts like Britney on Mars, taking some demanding vocal twists to reveal a gutsy (and more mature) diva. 'Love At First Sight' will keep your feet tapping but it circles the dance-floor without ever really taking centre-tile. Title track 'Fever' sounds like the Kylie of your youth updated with electro blips.

Minogue's voice has never sounded so good with Madonna-esque moments on 'Fragile' and a 'he's my Japanese boy'-type crooning on 'Can't Get You...' reprise 'Come into my World'.

If it all starts to sound a bit same-same towards the end don't worry, 'Burning Up' ensures you will end the album in a sweat. As the world blurs into one big blinding, mesmerising, pulsating glitter ball, one thing's for sure even if you aren't a Kylie fan you will have to admit she has made one of the best ever soundtracks for a 45 minute step-aerobics class.

In Ireland, she battled with and lost out to Dublin's own Aslan for the top album slot on the week of release but on the other side of the Irish Sea Kylie emerged as queen in a more balanced duel with Mrs Beckham. Kylie deserved to win – her Poshness is still wondering if there's a sound out there that suits her, Kylie knows her own metier is pure frothy pop.

Cristín Leach

Tracklisting: More More More - Love at First Sight - Can't Get You Out of my Head - Fever - Give it to me - Fragile - Come into my World - In your Eyes - Dancefloor - Love Affair - Your Love - Burning Up