Instant Karma – 2001 – 54 minutes

Ghostland is an artistic collaboration between three producer/musicians: Caroline Dale, cello virtuoso who worked on the film 'Hillary and Jackie' as well as with Oasis and Peter Gabriel; Sinead O'Connor and Indigo Girls collaborator, John Reynolds and

Justin Adams, formerly of Jah Wobbles' Invaders Of The Heart. This first self-produced album combines the talents of all three artists and includes vocals from Sinead O'Connor and Jane Siberry, amongst others.

The tracks are an eclectic mix of smooth orchestral works and lilting soft rock lyrical numbers. Although the majority of the songs are written by the three producers, there are a few interpreted covers including the familiar 'Sacred Touch of Beauty'. The album title is also the name of a theme that runs throughout the record. Starting with the first track – an instrumental piece composed almost entirely of strings – 'Interview With the Angel' surfaces in two further pieces on the album. The rolling melody of the theme heavily influences the other tracks although it can take a few listens to notice its subtle involvement.

The work is very accomplished but the alternation between styles means that it is difficult to run with a mood while listening to the album. You are just getting into the abstract vocals reminiscent of 'Dead Can Dance' and all of a sudden a rocky guitar number comes crashing down on you. Although enjoyable you're left with a feeling that 'Interview With the Angel' is two different albums welded together.

March Rogers

Track listing: Interview With the Angel – Kiss - Faith in Love - Sacred Touch of Beauty - Out of the Woods - Calming the Sea – Burden - Interview with the Angel (part 2) - In Your Light - Angel's Eyes - Interview With the Angel (part 3) - Darkening Hour