Warners - 2001 - 42 minutes

Having experienced worldwide success with the Red Hot Chili Peppers by the age of 19, John Frusciante then decided to throw it all away half an hour before a Japanese gig in 1992. He retreated to his Hollywood home, turned the key and disappeared into self-destruction for the next few years. Emerging in late 1996, he bore no resemblance to the young man who had graced albums like 'Mother's Milk' and 'Blood Sugar Sex Magick', frail, emaciated and missing his top teeth.

Now back to health and back with the 'Chili Peppers, 'To Record...' plays like a cautionary tale from a man who went a little too close to the edge for a little too long. Always one of the most underrated guitar players, Frusciante jumps from the spaghetti western dynamics of 'Away & Anywhere' to the overlapping acoustic and electrics of 'Ramparts' to the blips and beats meets singer/songwriter sentiments of 'In Rime'. The results are downbeat and broody but move with a fractured beauty that highlights an artist with far more to offer than his day job could ever suggest. "When it becomes a waste why hold on for dear life," he sings on 'Invisible Moment'. Everyone should be thankful that he lived to ask the question.

Harry Guerin

Tracklisting: Going Inside - Someone’s - The First Season - Wind Up Space - Away & Anywhere - Remain - Fallout - Ramparts - With No One - Murderers - Invisible Movement - Representing - In Rime - Saturation - Moments Have You