Warners – 2000 – 37 minutes

The hybrid in this case is the dreaded hew-haw of rap and metal, with Linkin Park the latest assailants on the wallets of baggy trousered youth. But while opener 'Papercut' conjures up every howl-inducing image of moshpit guitars and white boy vocals, the Californian quintet are in fact a far gutsier and convincing proposition than scene goliaths Limp Bizkit.

Bypass the tear-down-your-posters teenage angst of the lyrics and you'll find some decent musical ideas with 'Cure For The Itch' up there with anything from the Mo'Wax imprint and 'Crawling' carrying off spooky keyboards with blackeyed glee. Doubtless this will sell by the boatload and Linkin Park's songs will crop up selling everything from wheels to deodorants, but you know that if they ditched the guitars and bought a few decent CDs for the tour bus they could survive their audience turning 18. Curiously charming.

Tracklisting: Papercut – One Step Closer – With You – Points Of Authority – Crawling – Runaway – By Myself – In The End – A Place For My Head – Forgotten – Cure For The Itch – Pushing Me Away

Harry Guerin