MCA Recordings - 2000 - 28 minutes

The irony of an American writing the score for the 1969 classic 'The Italian Job' cannot be ignored - but it could not have been better. Quincy Jones' soundtrack to this quintessentially British film is coolly kitsch in its own right. A mixture of 60's easy listening pop, a few Italian lyrics; a jazzed-up Elizabethan classic - 'Greensleeves' - and the giddy tootling of 'Smell the Gold'.

In the film, Michael Caine is immaculately attired amidst the bellbottoms - and the music plays up to his wideboy style. Noel Coward's grand entrance is marked with the elegant 'Britannia and Mr Bridger, If You Please' and the lively chorus of 'Getta Bloomin' Move On!', (better known as the blagger singalong 'The Self Preservation Society') ends the album on a high note. Rather like the film, as a matter of fact. File under 'Better Easy Listening than the Music to Watch Girls By Series'.

Caroline Hennessy

Tracklisting: The Italian Job - Something's Cookin' - Hello Mrs. Beckerman! - Britannia And Mr Bridger, if you please - Trouble For Charlie - On Days Like These - It's Caper Time - Meanwhile Back In The Mafia - Smell The Gold! - Greensleeves And All The Jazz - On Days Like These (Reprise) - Getta Bloomin' Move On!