Proving that there isn’t more than one way to skin a zombie, director Paul WS Anderson returns with yet another lunge at the tired video game franchise. Jovovich is back as badass goody Alice, the innocent in a world turned toxic by that nasty Umbrella Corporation, and once again she looks hot in leather as she goes through the slow motion ballet of over head high kicks and gun-toting carnage.

This time out, those faceless Umbrella dudes continue to spread the T-virus that’s turned most humans into a bunch of One Direction fans and there’s more of the Undead than you can shake a cliché at. Alice wakes up in holding cell in the heart of an Umbrella facility, naturally breaks free, teams up with some old, and new, buddies, and takes up her hunt for those responsible for the outbreak.

Anderson, who wrote the screenplay too, throws in some guff about the military-industrial complex but he’s also suffering from a bad dose of Inception (Christopher Nolan’s movie about a bunch of actors running around looking for a plot) right down to a snowbound shootout. In true video game style, he has Alice and comic book crew work their way through various alternate realities including digitally-rendered scenes in Moscow and Tokyo but we may as well be in a warehouse in Clondalkin for all the use of locales here.

The action is non stop and for the most part engaging enough but god bless Jovovich for managing to register any interest in the sheer banality sloshing about around her. As usual with Resident Evil flicks, the acting is as convincing as an Xbox screen and chief baddie Sienna Guillory is worth singling out for her impression of a piece of wood with a gun. We’re left primed for a sixth instalment but surely by now even the most daylight-starved gamer will roll their eyes at this gore fest turned bore fest.

Alan Corr