Directed by Alexander Witt, starring Milla Jovovich, Sienna Guillory, Oded Fehr, Thomas Kretschmann, Sophie Vavasseur, Mike Epps, Razaaq Adoti, Jared Harris and Sandrine Holt.

Alice (Jovovich) wakes up to find that it wasn't all just a dream - the nightmare is real. Raccoon City is overrun by zombies, nefarious culprit the Umbrella Corporation is trying to seal it off and the race against time is all but lost.

Trapped inside the city walls, Alice and other survivors - sharpshooter Jill Valentine (Guillory), tough guy Carlos Olivera (Fehr), reporter Terri Morales (Holt) and hustler LJ (Epps)  - are offered a deal by scientist Dr Ashford (Harris): find his daughter (Vavasseur) and he'll show them a way out.

But no matter how many bullets they have, there are always more zombies around every corner, and when Umbrella decides to release its latest creation into the mayhem, the odds against Alice & co making it out alive spiral even higher.

The first 'Resident Evil' movie had enough meat on it to suggest that a new franchise was being cooked up and with '...Apocalypse' having hit the top spot at the US box office, it seems certain we'll have too many sequels before Alice gets a decent night's sleep. But there are plenty of problems that need to be sorted before the storyline reaches its potential.

While '...Apocalypse' ups the action and set pieces from the first movie, the characterisation is still as woeful as ever. The protagonists all look cool, but the dialogue is so clunky and the pacing so breakneck that you don't have time to know or care about any of them. The longer the story goes on, the more it feels like a live action video game and not a real movie - zombie kids and dogs are great, but they'd be even better if there was more drama between the chowdowns.

Once again, Jovovich shows she's quite a talent with a gun and a roundhouse kick. The two films have undoubtedly raised her profile no end, but she deserves better what she gets to work with here.

Harry Guerin