A very appealing Mr Right, a gorgeous leading lady and a plot involving artificial insemination... There was potential for 'The Back-Up Plan' but, much like the relationship in the movie, it could have done with a bit more work.

Pet store owner Zoe (Lopez) is sick of waiting for Mr Right. Feeling the dread of that ticking biological clock she decides to try for a baby through artificial insemination. Sounds straightforward, and mostly it is. She has the perfect doctor and an anonymous donor who sounds great on paper.

So everything is going according to plan until Zoe bumps into Stan (O'Loughlin) randomly and instantly seems to feel something for him. As luck would have it Stan's feeling it too, but is he banking on becoming a daddy so soon?

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No more plot details are really necessary here. The storyline revolves mostly around the trials and tribulations of first-time pregnancy and the ups and downs of relationships. Throw in Zoe's single mothers' group for some supplementary storylines and that's pretty much all there is to it.

The problem with 'The Back-Up Plan' is that it doesn't really do anything convincingly. There's nothing inventive about the story, there's no originality behind the gags and there's just very little depth to it. The pregnancy journey has been done so well by the likes of 'Knocked Up' that the flaws of successors are always going to be immediately evident. Jennifer Lopez and Alex O'Loughlin make the most of what they have to work with but you come away from it thinking of both as little more than eye candy.

This should only be your back-up plan if there's nothing else showing at your local cinema. And even then, check the television listings first.

Linda McGee