I'm not going to say 'From Paris with Love' is the worst film I've ever seen, but it rates fairly highly on the scale. This thoroughly silly action flick comes from director Pierre Morel and producer Luc Besson, who sent an ass-kicking Liam Neeson on a mission through Paris to save his daughter in 'Taken'.

Having found 'Taken' to be ludicrously plotted and absurdly violent, Morel and Besson have taken it to another level with 'From Paris with Love'. Whereas 'Taken' was generally quite serious, but littered with unintentionally funny lines, this film has a more tongue-in-cheek approach.

Sounds good in theory, but the jokes aren't funny enough to hold together the wildly unravelling plot, lacklustre action scenes and cringe worthy dialogue.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers stars as Reece, an aide to the American ambassador in Paris, who does some low-level errands for the CIA on the side. He finally gets the call he's been waiting for, and is paired with loose canon secret agent Wax (Travolta) to put a planned terrorist attack to bed.

The rest of the plot is pretty inconsequential; and only serves to enable the good guys partake in as many shootouts as possible. Needless to say the body count builds up endlessly, with a thunderous soundtrack attempting to add some sort of thrill to the proceedings.

The dialogue is predictably dumb, but does provide a few moments of comic relief, from Reece's attempt to compliment his girlfriend's new dress ("I think, wow.") to Wax's brash flirting ("I like nasty girls!"). Travolta hams it up to the max as the gun-obsessed, coke-snorting, prostitute-humping renegade CIA agent. If you don't like Rhys Myers as an actor, you'll think he's his usual unconvincing self here, but this time sporting a dodgy 'tache.

While 'From Paris with Love' is occasionally amusing, there is hardly any tension built up (the bad guys never had a chance, especially when Wax is pointing a rocket launcher at them) and it's just not the high-octane thriller it thinks it is.

I never thought I'd say this, but 'Taken' is a looking a lot more appealing in the wake of this disaster of a movie.

Sarah McIntyre