'Pretty Woman' director Garry Marshall's latest offering has a cast that reads like a 'Who's Who in Hollywood', and even has rom-com veteran Julia Roberts on board, so on paper 'Valentine's Day' has the makings of a decent movie.

But apart from the seriously starry cast this is all gloss and no substance.

While along the lines of big ensemble 'Love Actually', whose success lay in its understated charm and funny script, Marhsall's offering is devoid of both.

The film tells the story of intertwining couples and singles in Los Angeles on 14 February.

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Ashton Kutcher's character Reed is a florist whose shop is the centre of a lot of the action. He proposes to his career driven girlfriend Morley, played by Jessica Alba. His best friend Julia (Garner) is dating a doctor, played by Patrick Dempsey. Jessica Biel plays a publicist who's unlucky in love, while Anne Hathaway is a PA, moonlighting as a phone-sex operator, who's dating a guy in the mailroom (Grace).

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Also in the mix are Roberts, whose Kate is an army officer flying home to LA on leave from Iraq - on her flight she meets Bradley Cooper's character - while teen pin-ups Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner are high school sweethearts, who pop up briefly in a few of scenes. And so on and so on.

With a cast of thousands to get through, nobody gets much screen time, with some getting no more than a cameo appearance. And the stars are far from stretched - McDreamy and McSteamy coming straight from their day jobs at Seattle Grace.

The paper-thin characters fail to engage and most are far too beautiful to relate to. Are we really supposed to believe Jessica Biel's Kara can't get a date on Valentine's Day?

That said, the heavyweight names will have enough of a fan base to ensure this is the only show in town this weekend. After that I'm the afraid the love affair may well be over.

Ann Marie Griffin