The list of video games making the jump to the big screen grows by the year, but try and remember one that ranked as a must see. We've had, among others, 'Resident Evil', 'Alone in the Dark', 'Final Fantasy', 'Mortal Kombat', 'Street Fighter', 'Silent Hill' and 'Super Mario Bros' and now games publisher Tecmo/Team Ninja's 'Dead or Alive' franchise gets a movie makeover - with predictably dire results.

From around the world fighters with various styles (Pressly, Valance, Carter, Malthe, Aoki) are invited to the legendary 'Dead or Alive' fighting tournament on the island of the mysterious Donovan (Roberts). All have their reasons for taking part but all must put aside their differences to thwart Donovan's ultimate plan.

If this all sounds a bit 'Enter the Dragon' you're not wrong, but whereas 'Enter the Dragon' ran in a cinema in Iran for years, 'DOA' will be lucky to get more than a week anywhere in the world.

As the director of the Jet Li classic 'Fong Sai Yuk' and the Jason Statham-starring beat-em-up 'The Transporter', Yuen shouldn't be wasting his time on dross like this, an extended Tecmo promo which is devoid of charm and character. Teenage boys - their fathers and brothers - will point to the merits of any film featuring Jaime Pressly, Holly Valance, Sarah Carter, Natassia Malthe and Devon Aoki, but no amount of eye candy can excuse this mess.

Harry Guerin